Friday, August 31, 2007

extracting the moss (2) distillation

30.08.2007. MEMO

[4] infusion in hot water was not good anymore, so I threw it away. Perhaps I had to take the moss out much earlier.

I made the new one.
[5] arachide oil (warmed at 60 degrees)
Arachide oil is the oil made from peanuts.

31.08.2007. MEMO

Checking the smell of the infusion...
[1] glycerine : round, earthy
[2] alcohol: more seaweed than the others
[5] arachide oil: round, earthy, seaweed, gourmet

The experiment with distillation
[water distillation 1]
- 800ml water
- 2 handfull moss (washed)

From the dirty water, the clear water is achieved (as usual... but wonder!)

Character of the aromaterous: very salty, earthy, less fresh green than the the infused ones.

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