Wednesday, August 29, 2007

extracting the moss (1)

I've been asked to extract the scent of the moss,
so I went to the forest last sunday (26/8) to collect some moss.

These are the moss called 'mountain moss' in Japanese.

Washing away the dirt.
The small insects came along surprised me.

When you get close to the moss, it smells of the seaweed that reminds you of the sea.
But at the same time,
it smells of the fresh grass, dirt or earth that reminds you of the forest,
and the humid rotten-wood.

It's surprising that such a mountain plant smells of the sea.
In Japanese the seaweed is written as 'the sea moss' in the chinese character,
and that's convincing.
The people gave this name intuitively from smelling.

The moss was soaked in 4 different kind of medidum.

[1]glycerine (from the apotheek)
[2]alcohol 99.8% (the very high quality one)
[3]coconut oil (refined, warmed up)
[4]infusion in hot water

I'm preparing the environment for the distillation.

Witches' Laboratory. The sunflowers smells very nice now.

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