Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Confuse Your Senses? [4]

How to Confuse Your Senses?
Projectweek 12/10/2009 - 16/10/2009
Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam, NL

It's the final presentation of a week-long workshop that I've been giving this week.

The theme of the assignment:
How to confuse the sense of smell and/or taste, by means of the visual sense?

(11) presentation by Sae

  • how it looks: Sushi
  • how it tastes: stamppot! (Dutch cuisine made with mashed potato, vegetable, and bacon/ham)

Sae used the fact that Dutch people do not know precisely how it looks like, and the fact that she's Japanese. The Dutch people expect them as "sushi" without any doubt. Once they eat them, they taste "stamppot".

She made the sushi with the ingredients that's are used for making stamppot.
rice - mashed pootato
seaweed - red cabbage
surimi(crab) - camamber colored with red color

  • how it looks: green tea
  • how it tastes: mint tea
Her idea, presentation, the level of experimentation, preciseness, and her attitude was perfect. I wouldn't say this just because I knew her. This projectweek was meant for the 2nd and the 3rd grade students, so she faked her grade in order to take this class, because she was in the 4th grade. Such dedication was giving the other students good influences too.

(12) presentation by Augusta

  • how it looks: book
  • how it smells: each page is perfumed with different smell (in order to make a story out of it)

She did not follow the intention of this assignment, so she just made whatever she wanted to make, but a lot of people were impressed about her idea.

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