Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Confuse Your Senses? [3]

How to Confuse Your Senses?
Projectweek 12/10/2009 - 16/10/2009
Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam, NL

It's the final presentation of a week-long workshop that I've been giving this week.

The theme of the assignment:
How to confuse the sense of smell and/or taste, by means of the visual sense?

(7) presentation by Fiona

  • how it looks: perfume bottles with colored labels
  • how it smells: different smells
Good idea, but the work didn't get a depth, in my opinion. It was pity that it just became a smelling test .

(8) presentation by Stefan

  • how it looks: freshly squeezed apple juice
  • how it tastes: juice of tuna can
Good idea, but the (visual) presentation should be a little more refined.

(9) presentation by Marisa

how it looks: a beautiful rose in a bottle
how it smells: fish

Very simple (positively) and strong work, because she used the gap between a nice smell and dirty smell. But why is the fish smell dirty? According to Japanese it's a smell that triggers appetite.

(10) presentation by Emmy-Koos

We got invited to the corridor >>> smells like cinnamon >>> there is an oven >>> we expect something.

The letter inside the oven betrays our expectation.

She has diffused the smell of apple pie, instead of baking an apple pie.

  • how it smells: apple pie
  • how it looks: looks like an apple pie is baked in the oven though...
In this case, the sense of smell gives us an expectation but the sense of sight betrays it. It's a little too complicated to understand her work, but it's interesting how she has used the senses in reverse.

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