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How to confuse our senses?



Willem de Kooning Academy

12.10.2009 - 16.10.2009

[How to confuse our senses?]

Maki Ueda

This workshop is about the illusion of smell. The question is "how to confuse our senses?", with a special attention to the sense of smell (partly the sense of taste).

Kohlrabi tastes like cabbage. Hyacinths smells like jasmine and rose. We come up with such brilliant connections often when we smell (or taste) without seeing. It tells us how the sense of seeing influences the other senses. An object that looks like an apple has to smell like an apple, according to our eyes. Otherwise we get confused.

Be aware of how the visual sense influences the other senses, and let's get confused in this workshop.


"a piece of apple that smells like orange"

"a cup of spinach tea served as fresh green tea"

The result of the workshop is a playful exhibition. Everyone may choose his/her own form of expression: object, painting, sculpture, clothes, or even performance.


Tuesday, Oct 13th

9:00-10:30 (1.5h)

introduction - slideshow of my works

10:45-12:15 (1.5h)

smelling exercises

13:00-15:00 (2.0h)

lecture: how the sense of smell and taste works

discussion: illusions and confusions of the senses

Wednesday, Oct 14th

9:00-10:30 (1.5h)

smelling exercises

10:45-12:15 (1.5h)

discussion: how the visual sense influences the other senses

13:00-15:00 (2.0h)

presentation of the ideas and discussion - part I

Thursday, Oct 15th

9:00-10:30 (1.5h)

smelling exercises

10:45-12:15 (1.5h)

presentation of the ideas and discussion - part II

13:00-15:00 (2.0h)

slideshow: smell and art examples

Friday, Oct 16th

10:00-12:00 (2.0h)

classroom presentation

12:00-14:00 (2.0h)

setup exhibition

14:00-16:00 (2.0h)


preparation: (3.0h)

total: 24.0 h


There's no cost to be charged to the each student, but she/he is responsible for her/his own materials to make a work for the exhibition. Count on that the material cost would be somewhere between 0 euro to 10 euro - depending on what she/he wants to make.

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