Thursday, October 22, 2009

Edible Perfume Workshop @ Dordrecht

original site: Camera Japan Festival

Edible Perfums

zaterdag 10 oktober

Workshop 'Edible Perfums' door Maki Ueda.
Geuren worden ontrokken uit eten, geinspireerd door het foodparing concept. De deelnemers namen twee basisingredienten mee en maakten daar hun eigen 'eetbaar parfum van'.
De resultaten werden 's avonds tentoongesteld tijdens [F]luister.

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loolo's said...

Hi Maki,i am postgraduate student from London College of is very exciting reading your blog and all the scent stuff. i am now working on my final major project about the curatorial practice of scent exhibition. and i have interviewed Robert Blackson for the awesome smell exhibition in Sunderland.Learned that you have also participated in this exhibition, i am wondering if it is possible that we can have a little chat about scent exhibition over email or skype.
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look forward to hear from you.

Many many thx!!!