Friday, June 06, 2014

Perfumum - programme -



Temple Dance and Cleopatra

Scents: Kifi, rose

2. Metamorphose

Triple Goddess

Scents: Frankinsence, Mirrah, Juniper

3. Bliss

Harem of Ishtar

Scents: Hinni Attar, incense of Ishtar

4. Impulse

Temple Dance by the Goddess Uzume 

Scents: Shell Ginger

5. Vigor 

Butterfly Meiden- the Goddess of Transformation

Scents: Tobacco Leaves, White Sage

6. Fluid

The Elf of Ganges River

Scents: Sandalwood, Jasmine

7. Instinct

The heaven and the Earth in Geisha District

Scents: Agarwood, Funeral Incense, Cherry blossoms

Produced by: Ruhani Belly Dance Arts  
Concept: Nourah, MAKI UEDA
Dancers: Ruhani Belly Dance Arts Dancers, Ayla, LiLith, Sao and Nourah
Perfuming: MAKI UEDA
Images: marimosphere
Sound: Jun Morita

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Sun, June 8, 2014

1st stage
start 16:45
Ruhani BellyDance Arts Dancers Solo Shows

2nd stage
start 20:30
Perfumum - belly dance and perfuming -

Open 16:30
Close 22:00

reservation: 3500 yen
on the day itself: 4000 yen

Place: Aoyama Moonromantic

Subject: Celebration
Tel: 03-5474-8137


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