Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making super analogue aroma diffuser

Perfuming the space. It's an art itself.

I've heard that in France there's such man who can do this.  Jose Martin.  He's the specialist in perfuming at theater and cinema.

Normally, perfuming the space is done like this: you perfume the scent [A], then clean it, and then perfume the scent [B].  You can do this easily with mechanic machines.

In this pavilion I'm working on, I would have to place [A] [B] and [C] at the same time.  And I want to make gradations between them.

It's because the space is almost dark, and made in such way that the audience loose the sense of up and down, left and right.  I would like people to navigate themselves by sensing smells.  Scent is the only way to navigate them in this space.

It's quite challenging, I know.  So I make experimentations and observations.  I am designing the whole airflow and aroma diffusing principles myself.

Anyone knows a specialist of airflow in Tokyo?

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