Wednesday, May 15, 2013

gallery for meditation - Kuh Ren Boh

Here is an introduction to the works by the architect Makoto Yokomizo, whom I collaborate with on an pavillion opening soon.


It's a gallery for meditation.  Its owner is the buddhist temple in Asakusa Tokyo.

Here you enter.

You go through "nijiriguchi", the entrance inspired by tea ceremony architecture, and then you take off shoes.  All the process is there for you to prepare your mind.

Now you are in the subtle space of light and darkness.

Here you don't have the sense of distance.  The sense of up and down, left and right.  You are aware of your heartbeat of yourself, and the sound you make by walking.  You explore the space with a tiny bit of light and the sense of touch.


Normally we use the sense of sight the most.  In this space, the other way round.


Then you exit to the real world.

It's a gallery space for meditation and teaching.  The space itself teaches you the way how the senses are.

We're adding the perspective of smell in our new collaboration we're making now.

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