Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 principle smells: the order for smelling

Placing 3 different smells in the space.

It sounds so simple, but in reality it's always complicated.  Experimentation over experimentation, to identify the factors and where to focus. 

Question: Three different smells A, B, and C, and the total smell Z.  Which order should you smell?
Choose from:
(1) Z > A > B > C
(2) A > B >  C > Z

You really have to place them in the space in order to say something, because the shape and the airflow of the space play role as important factors. But at least I can test it on the table.  With my previous work "OLFACTOSCAPE - deconstructing Chanel No. 5 -"
  1. Chanel No. 5 composition
  2. Bergamot
  3. Rose
  4. Vetiver
  5. Vanillin
  6. Musk
  7. Aldehyde
  8. Ylang-ylang

Then the opposite order:

  1. Ylang-ylang
  2. Aldehyde
  3. Musk
  4. Vanilin
  5. Vetiver
  6. Rose 
  7. Bergamot
  8. Chanel No. 5 composition

The latter was more difficult to smell the wholeness of Chanel No. 5.  Smelled a lot of Aldehyde, like an outdated perfume.

Why ?  In the first one, I have probablly learned the nose the whole spctrum of smells and this made it easier to identify the each smell too.  In the latter one, the nose got blocked and masked while smelling the each one.  Heavier smells like musk and aldehyde could do that.

Thus, the right answer is:

(1)  Z > A> B > C

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