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OLFACTOSCAPE (solo exhibition) @ Osaka, till 10.24.10

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2010.10.2 (SAT) - 10.24(SUN) , WED closed
With thanks to: Dutch Consulate in Osaka, Mondoriaan Foundation, Asahi Beer, Yamamoto Perfumery Co. Ltd.

inframince, inc.
address: 1-9-12, Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0011, Japan 

tel: 06-6541-9520

fax: 06-6541-9521

e-mail: contact(at)


olfacto = olfactory
scape = scenery

* research project [OLFACTSCAPE]

It's a 3m diameter space created with a curtain.  The walls are painted with smells.

OLFACTOSCAPE is a word that I made up with OLFACTO (=olfactory) and SCAPE (=scenery) .

Japanese people have unique sense for scents. Smelling as if viewing the landscape, they are appreciating the scents. They feel tipsy with the sweet scents under the cherry blossoms tree in the early spring night, and they feel the autumn for the scents of Osmanthus.

Let us observe such landscapes with our "nose". Close your eyes, and search in this 3m diameter cylinder for scents, like a dog. There would be a scent that is coming closer to you, and on a contrary, getting away from you. Is there a scent that attracts you, or that makes you getting closer to it? This is a research project of searching for the boundary and the possibilities of our sense of smell.

The selection of the scents is based on the dialogue I had with Inframince Co. The theme is "the ordinary scents around us, past + present + future"

- hinoki
- camphor
- lily of the valley
- cherry blossoms
- wild rose
- forest with fallen leaves
- ginger
- yuzu
- matsutake
- wild lily
- cinnamon
- grass


In the workshop we have developed different extracts of the Osaka's most characteristic scents.
The smell map was also developed in a workshop.

[extraction workshop]


It's coupled with "AROMASCAPE OF OSAKA". The extracts are developed by the students of Willem de Kooning Academy during the project-week workshop in May 2010.

* research project [Cosmetics of 400 years ago]

These cosmetics were originally developed for the exhibition "Holland Mania" held at De Lakenhal Leiden Stedelijk Museum in May 2009. These scents offer you the perspectives of the Dutch merchants who stationed in Japan's Desima-island for trading. They were the cosmetics that geisha's were wearing. They function as a medium for you to connect to the time and space.

1. Ohaguro
2. Scents of Beauty
3. Dew of Flower
4. Oil of Kyara
5. Seductive Oil
6. Perfume to Ingest

* SCENTS OF HOLLAND (for sale, limited edition)

SCENTS OF HOLLAND is a perfume series for enjoying the smells rather than wearing. The scents are manually extracted by the artist.

NO. 1 Hyacinth
NO. 2 Dutch Cheese
NO. 3 Speculaas spices
NO. 4 Autumn Leaves
NO. 5 Brussels Sprout

30 sets limited
price: 4800 yen
please contact inframince for details.

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