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Date: 04-08-2010
Place: Prinzchengarten, Takanawa, Tokyo
Presented by: Neuro Creative Lab

1. entree

The Kitchen of The Family van der Heide
1) perfume
2) the dish

2. main dish, with blindfold

Virtual Rose (Chicken Sous-vide)

1) smelling the rose petals by diffusion
2) tasting the "virtual rose flavour" that's composed without using rose

Virtual Rose (Chicken Sous-vide)
by: Maki Ueda

ingredients for 1 person

  • chicken breast 180g
  • salt and pepper
  • black tea bag 1
  • white wine (chardonney) 80 ml
  • green asperges, 3 sticks, cut in 3 cm pieces
  • raspberry, pureed
  • blue cheese, cut in small pieces
  • basil (dried)

special materials:
  • ziplock, 1 bag
  • thermometer
  • timer

Salt and pepper the chicken breast and leave it for 30 minutes. Put in a Ziplock-bag the chicken breast, black tea bag, and asperges. Sous-vide (that means, cook the ziplock-bag in eau-bain-marie) for 20 minutes at the temperature 65 degrees.

In a meanwhile cook blue cheese and pureed raspberry in a small sauce pan on low heat. Keep stirring.

Garnish the chicken breast with the sauce and dried basil.

* This is a little chemistry. Referring on a chemical database ( I've composed "the virtual rose flavour" without using rose.

* This recipe is completely Maki Ueda's original, specially developed for this event.

cello by: PIRAMI


Flavour diffusers by the ice tea:
- soy sauce
- olive oil
- orange juice

3. dessert, with ear plugs and blindfold

Peach in different textures, accompanied by pop-rock candy

Workshop was followed by Dr. Tobara's lecture.

Special thanks to:

Paris Miki, the sponsor
Tetsuya Horioka, the chef

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