Monday, October 25, 2010

a book that I've contributed an article is published!

A book that covers the whole evening of memorial dinner event Open Sauces is finally published.

Open Sauces Book
ISBN 978-90-810733-0-1

  • with full recipe of the evening
  • with full recipe of Edible Perfume Workshop
  • with full recipe of "green peas and mint soup - gaseous, fluid, solid -"
  • it's a MUST have book for those who are interested in molecular gastronomy, food art, and cooing with scents in priority

From the introduction...
This book is designed as a collection of the “toasts” and their
accompanying recipes from the Open Sauces dinner. It is a scrapbook – a
“common-place book” in the parlance of earlier centuries – and a book of
commons. Commons, a term denoting shared public resources, can be traced
back to the sharing of provisions, of rationing limited amounts of
foodstuffs to feed a whole community. Similarly, Open Sauces offers
bite-sized morsels of diverse aspects of contemporary food culture –
whether curious information, case studies, or specific techniques – to
feed a diverse group of readers.

The book also contains the recipes for the complete, seasonal Open
Sauces menu, designed for twenty-five people. The recipes list the
original amounts; however, as each course was quite small, the
quantities cited in the recipes could be used for four to six people if
served in a two or three course dinner. In several recipes the amounts
are approximate, as this is the preferred method of cooking and sharing
recipes at FoAM. The recipes and related texts are available online at in editable form. Improvements, adaptations,
comments, questions and suggestions are more then welcome. After all,
Open Sauces should stay true to its title.

edited and published by: FoAM
price: 10 euro

They are later going to sell the book at Amazon, but you can also download the digital version here:

It's a kind of book that you want to take to your bed and just staring at it before sleeping.

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