Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Confuse Your Senses? [1]

How to Confuse Your Senses?
Projectweek 12/10/2009 - 16/10/2009
Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam, NL

It's the final presentation of a week-long workshop that I've been giving this week.

The theme of the assignment:
How to confuse the sense of smell and/or taste, by means of the visual sense?

(1) presentation by Sanne
  • How it looks: a necklace, the keepsake from her grand-ma , with a smell in it.
  • How it smells: the smell of grand-ma: lilac, tobacco, and pee

The smell does not associate with the 'sweet image' of grand-ma. She used the gap between image and reality.

(2) presentation by Annouk

a) Mushroom

  • how it looks: white mushroom (champignon)
  • hot it smells: coconut
  • how it tastes: brown mushroom (kastanienchampignon)
It was flavoured with coconut. Kastanienchampignon is normally brown, but this mushroom is white. She created elegant, subtle confusion.

b) Cake
  • how it looks: normal cake
  • how it smells and tastes: Brussels Sprout... :-)

(3) presentation by Anne + Krista

  • how it looks: a coffee shop (coffee shop in Holland is where you can get mariwana, not coffee.)
  • how it smells (in the bag): oregano

The visual presentation was very well-done.

(4) presentation by Kirsten

  • how it looks: meat
  • how it smells: fish (!!!)

She made meat (sate) that smells like fish. Very simple work but there needs a lot of experiments, and she did it very well.

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