Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Confuse Your Senses? [5] exhibition

How to Confuse Your Senses?
Projectweek 12/10/2009 - 16/10/2009
Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam, NL

It's the final presentation of a week-long workshop that I've been giving this week.

The theme of the assignment:
How to confuse the sense of smell and/or taste, by means of the visual sense?

setting up of the exhibition

2 Hours exhibition at the school cafeteria. Closing party after that.

In the context of fine arts, photography, fashion, sculpture, etc, that require us only to look at, our works require us to touch, smell, and to taste. Therefore our area was quite popular. The audience never stopped.

Students were proud to present their own works. This is how it should be, so I have to say my experimentation was quite successful. The faculty members were also enthusiastic. I'm looking forward to the next chance.

To all the students: thank you very much for your dedication and contribution!

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