Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Blindfolds - made with different type of silk (Kimono clothes)

Constructing a menu referring to the cooking books of Zen vegetarian food

When I was wondering what to do with the dessert, my son chose this ice cream at the supermarket. "If you can't fall asleep by yourself, you eat it, and you can sleep well!" So funny and meditative is the sensation of this ice cream, so I've decided to add this to the menu.

Making MISO SOUP PERFUME vegetarian version.

When I construct a menu, I try to make a balance among the taste of "the 3rd day", "the 2nd day", and "the 1st day".
My mon is making the taste of "the 3rd day".

Koji-zuke pickles. A family recipe.

This is also "the taste of the 3rd day". I'm making Natto - fermented soybeans.

Carrot glace.

Pumpkin wrapped in tea clothes (in practice, vershoudfolie)

Devil's tongue.

Lotus roots cooked in porto wine.


Inari - rice ball in fried tofu.

Cucumber in flower shape. The theme of the main dish was "flower".

Sushi delivery service by AKI's SUSHI.

It gave me energy.
Thanks a lot!

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