Monday, August 24, 2009

WALK & SMELL @ Leiden


Aug. 22th & 23th, 2009
at Kooipark, Leiden, NL

The walking tour took place on a fantastic late-summer sunny day.

Unfortunately there were not so many participants - clearly it's still in a summer holiday in Holland.

However I had a personal contact with the each participant, and I have also received a lot. (I gave the workshop in Dutch, the language that I'm not still comfortable with, so such dialog situation was actually ideal.)

Let's follow how the workshop went.

Pine tree - the most common tree in Dutch nature. Rub the leaves - you'll smell a refreshing fragrant as lemon, orange, and mint.

Let's smell the childen of pine tree too! Is it similar to the leaves or not?

With the rose as example, I've explained the various ways of retrieving essential oils from natural materials.

'Kampafoelie' in Dutch. Smells like lily, jasmine, and rose.

This pretty yellow flower should smell good - but it actually does not smell at all! Instead the leaves well. Smell of black pepper, grape, orange. Gourmand smell.

"This smells like orange!"

'Klimop' in Dutch. This grows everywhere in this country. The flower smells like Japanese 'fuki' - fatty, stinky smell. Reminds me of one autumn evening of Holland.

Vlinderstrook - flowers that Dutch people love. Compare the white one and purple one. The white one smell a touch of vanilla, like a virgin. The purple one smells more sexy.

Rozenbottel leaves smell like apple.

This one looks like mint, but its smell is nothing comparable to mint!
"Wow, what a strange smell!"
"This smell reminds me of something..."
"Yes... like an animal shop"
"Right, like a bird cage"

Thinking alone about the scent often doesn't lead to anywhere, but thinking together like a game leads to the idea of similar smell that we know. Very interesting!

I'm thankful to Marjan van Gerwen / Wijken voor Kunst / De Laekenhal, who gave me this opportunity. Thank you very much!

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