Monday, May 18, 2009

Holland Mania - opening -

Holland Mania Manifestation opening

From the Left: Former Lakenhal director, Japanese representative (geisha as a part of my artwork), American representative, Dutch representative

geisha on a street

People said that she was spreading the nice smell in the environment on the way.

The geisha Misae is waiting for the head of VOC today.

He was telling geisha how much he was happy to have seen a real geisha.

Endless photo sessions

I tend to forget about my real artwork part this time :-)
There are cosmetics exhibited that Maruyama geisha's were wearing on her body. They are made by me based on the old historical recipes. It's a room to experience the (seductive) smells that the head of VOC was supposedly smelling back then in Japan.

They are custom developed olfactory interfaces. You can smell: the scent of red light district (Jinko incense), the smell of tooth enamel, the smell of camphor tree.

I made another installation in combination. It's the room of the head of VOC. Maruyama geisha is visiting him now.

Exhibited smells are those that Maruyama geisha's were smelling in Deshima where they were staying. The smell of: coffee, tobacco, and meat.

This is Hanayoshi geisha on May 17th. (to be continued)


geisha cosplayer:
Misae Endo
Sato Endo
Shinobu Maekawa
Miwako Amano
Sae Inukai

interior / sewing:
Tomoko Inamura

supply and advise:
Miho Yamaguchi (AOF Air Of Fragrance)
Takako Matsukuma (Aromatique Paris)
Gin'nan kobo, for camphor tree bark
Haru-san in Kagoshima, for Sanekazura
Hiromichi (for perfume bottles)
Takako Murata (Pola Art Foundation)
Wolfgang Michel

Mihiro Yamamoto
Sae Inukai
Norika Niki

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