Saturday, April 11, 2009

workshop@WDK day 3

Day 3

Like the day before, we smelled all the materials that students collected from the city.

Cat's hair

Clay that was found at the construction site

Weeds and flowers along the street

Cherry blossoms from Kralingse Plas

Scarf that absorbed the person's smell

Tree bark of her garden

Loempia (it's actually very Rotterdam's smell because there is a family selling it all over the city)

Willow on the street

Chocolate - the smell of chocolate house

Compared to the day before, everyone brought more beautiful materials for eyes and noses. :-)

Extraction session starts.

left: METRO newspaper
right: Dutch Dropjes

Cherry Laurel

He is extracting the smell of clay

She is extracting the weeds and flowers from the street

Potato pills. This is the smell of Dutch kitchen! It's extracted by distillation.

Filtering takes time... the longer you take time, the more it gets clear.

Extracting the smell of old book was quite successful.

We ended the day with a short presentation and smelling each other's extracts.

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