Thursday, March 12, 2009

experimentation after experimentation

This is the 'roasting tea smell' that I've extracted the other day.

The smell has changed a bit. Milder.

Now I am going to separate the smell part from the fat.

The result is absolute. Very mild absolute.

Now I'm going to experiment with incense making. I've applied the turmeric powder that my aunt made herself.

My son helped me as he was having a vacation from the school.

I've added 50% turmeric to the amount of incense base. It's difficult to burn. Perhaps I should add some charcoal powder.

Now, I'm going to experiment with Jinko / agarwood.

It's very expensive material.

Trying maceration both with oil and alcohol.

Oil-base takes much more time than I thought. Alcohol-base seems to me better.

For fun I've made a creme and scented it with the agarwood essential oil that I got as a sample from AOF. It's very dry and earthy so I've added clove and sandalwood. 3 days later it got rounded and became nice, sexy creme!

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Hans Michael Chi said...

It IS special that Your son at that age has the feeling to do this and like to help his mother, he must be very promissing.