Thursday, March 05, 2009

review - New York Times Magazine

A review of the exhibition If there ever was is in the New York Times Magazine!

by Chandler Burr

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HansMichaelChi said...

If there ever was..a nice description. Thinking about You it brought me back to my youth, You will not believe the smells. When I, for example went to the harbourneighbourhood you smelled the water mixed with SMELLS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. And I have a Bible, you will not believe the smell. I can't bring it for repair because I am afraid it will be hurt for the smell,it is in my house for 40 years. Interesting is that even smells that you're not consqious are registered and play a part, also between people. SO YOU CAN'T LIE WITH THE MEANING OF FRAGRANCE. Life was an adventure in the neighbourhood where You and I live, with all sort of things and activities and secrets and smells. Compair the undergoing of things with the road between Kyoto and Tokyo, how lovely; now you take the bullittrain and skip that traveling.There are several books about this road.....