Monday, March 30, 2009

Explore Rotterdam with Your Nose!

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From Tue. 31th of March till Fri. 3rd of April, I'll give a workshop at Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. It's about exploring the City of Rotterdam with the "nose". Those smells found by students will be updated on this Google Map through the week.

CrossLab projectweek 2009
Willem de Kooning Academie

guest teacher
Maki Ueda


Explore Rotterdam with your nose


the sense of smell, smelling, smell as a medium, smell-landscape, smell preservation, extraction of smell molecules from a material, smell composition


What do you smell if you walk around the City of Rotterdam? The exotic smell of a Toko, the muddy smell of The River Maas, the tasty smell from the bread factory, etc. etc.

What is the character of the smell that you are smelling now? How to describe it? And how to share that smell with someone who is not present? In this project you are going to explore Rotterdam on the level of smell. After a couple of field-works, you are required to make a presentation of the smells that you've found in the city, in one way or the other.


– You will (have to) smell a lot
– You learn how to communicate about smell with others
(you learn the basic vocabulary for analyzing and expressing the
character of the smell)
– You learn about how smelling works
– You learn how to capture a smell (in the most simple way)
– You learn how to compose smells (in the most simple way)
– You learn about the smell-landscape of Rotterdam, off course!

week planning:

Tuesday: introduction, discussion on smell and smelling, field-work 1st day
Wednesday: demo of smell preservation, field-work 2nd day
Thursday: field-work 3rd day / preparation for the presentation
Friday: presentation

Working method:

You will work individually or in a small group.

reference / inspiration:

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Hans Michael Chi said...

The smell of the Rotterdam-subway always striked me. It smells the same as 46 years ago when I visited it the first time. I always striked it as magic. Crazy opinions are there to put the Metro under the ground on Rotterdam-South. I never lost the sensation to see the subway comming up there and continuing over the viaduct. SO YOU DO IMPORTANT WORK TO MAKE PEOPLE CONSCIOUS ABOUT THAT THINGS HAVE A MEANING. In that area You could check the smell of the old harbour the place of the warehouses Java, Sumatra etc.. De Rotte close by us strikes me as magic too. So if You want You can sniff for years to come close by.