Sunday, October 19, 2008

guest teacher at the Rietvelt Academy Amsterdam

One of the teacher at the Rietvelt Academy in Amsterdam asked me to participate in the students' project with the theme object / symbol / culture.

The students and the 4 guests (including me) were asked to bring one object and tell about it and himself/herself in 1 or 2 minutes.

They brought brick, egg... and



and an apple that's naturally dried 11 years ago.

I wanted to bring something invisible and olfactory, but the 'object' had to be something to be photographed. So I brought this necklace. It's made with massive sandalwood, so it's not just a necklace but also a perfume. By wearing it the sandalwood gets heated by the body temperature and its fragrance gets subtly diffused. It's an object where function, material, and form interact each other.

Now students have 2 weeks to create T-shirts with their own ideas, and we'll get together in the beginning of November again for their presentation.

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