Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spice Market, Istanbul

What does it smell like in Turkey?
And what do they eat?

The chestnut and corn stand are everywhere on the streets. They're diffusing nice smells.

Off course we cannot miss the spice market.

Fish market is located along the river. The diffuser of the smell of fish!

What do you think they are?
They're aubergine!

The yellow one are intestant used for making sausages. The red ones are tomato's.

Okra flowers

Eau de cologne is a part of service for the customers. You find it often at the shops.

Cold press essential oils. Many sorts.

They had not only the aromaterous like sandal wood and musk, but also the composed ones - one of their perfumes was labeld "Channel 5"

It's like being in Egypt. I emptied my wallet again...

Wonderful baby-shop.

Fishing on the bridge in the heart of the city Istanbul.

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