Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Body Odor No. 5 - composition of body odor - in Istanbul

Date& Time: 20.09.2008, 20:00 - 23:00
Place: Garaj Istanbul, Turkey
Event: Citysense

Body Odor No.5
- reconstruction of the body odor -
Maki Ueda (NL/J)

[Performance Installation – bar/lounge area, 3h]

For Japanese Dutch artist scent and smells (the olfactory) are a “new” medium. She creates scents which capture childhood, identity, a mood or a historical event. Within this context a person’s body odor can be used to identify the person, and is as distinctive and traceable as a fingerprint. The character of the smell is determined by many conditions, such as for example diet: we smell of, what we eat. So the Europeans are supposed to smell like cheese, and the Japanese like soy sauce. During the event Maki Ueda will, with her unique combination of skills and the mini-laboratory setup, extract the smells of different foodstuffs. The audience will then witness the live process of composing a "perfume" with the latter ingredients, which will replicate body odors, personal smell tags, if you will.

The moment of composing the perfume

Smell Bar

Are you fed up with your own body odor and do you just want to smell like someone else? Luckily enough you can, with this perfume just released from the fragrance house Maki Ueda.

Its scent is gourmet, but amazingly animalic at the same time. Luxuriously composed mainly with Dutch fresh cow cheese extract, onion extract , cumin extract, and top quality Japanese fish extract. All the ingredients are organic, synthetic-free. Purely hand-manufactured with the extra care.

Ideal all-day perfume for both men and women (18 +), applicable to all parts of the body. Also good for the sensitive skin (vegetable oil base). Not for the internal use.

After the event, 50 bottles of composed perfume are given as a present to the audience.

the extracts used for composing Body Odor No. 5:

* Made in Holland [all self-made extracts]

  • saurkraut extract (ECO)
  • onion extract (ECO)
  • cumin extract (ECO)
  • garlic extract (ECO)
  • Dutch cheese extract(Belegen ECO)
  • seaweed extract (hijiki)
  • fish extract (bonito fish flakes)
  • etc
* Made in Turkey [all self-made extracts]

  • Turkish tea extract
  • Turkish parsley extract
  • kebab extract
  • sumac extract
  • etc

Other related work from the event...
Urbanopathic Confection

by Wietske Maas

She is a great gastronomic artist! She has collected the water, herbs, and flowers in Amsterdam, and turned them into candy referring to the Turkish tradition. It tasted nice, and interesting work.

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