Thursday, August 07, 2008

SMELL BAR (4) Gita's garden

The garlic flower

Gita showed me her garden.

"I get lost in my own garden. It's like a forest"

Black Eyed Susan. Smells like vanilla, coumarin, linalol. I've used this flower for No. 12.

Time. It has turned into carpet.

Tansy. No. 18.

Fennel and the poppy seed.

Gita uses its leaves and flowers for the soup.

Coriander Flower. No. 14, No. 15 . It smells a little aldehydic.


Parsely Flower. No. 12. Green floral!

The funny farm house and the garden.

We moved to the east side of the garden.
This familiar flower also smells sour sweet like any white flowers.

This one too.

Wild lily.

Moss carpet.

Cute leaves... there are seeds in it.

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