Thursday, August 07, 2008


For extracting the smells, I've mostly applied these methods: oil maceration and tincture.
The sunlight accelerates the process.

No. 1 White Clover (oil)

No. 2 Red Clover (oil)

No. 3 Spruce Leaves (oil)

No. 5 Yew (tincture)
Yew has been used as a medicinal tea among native Indians.

No. 6 Pine Leaves (tincture)

No. 7 Grass (tincture)

No. 8 White Clover (tincture)

No. 9 Queen Anne's Lace (tincture)

No.11 Parsley Flower (tincture)
No.12 Black Eyed Susan (tincture)
No.13 Tomato Leaves (oil)

chopping the garlic flowers

No.14 Coriander Flower (tincture)
No.15 Coriander Flower (oil)
No.16 Garlic Flower (oil)

No.19 Grass (oil)

No. 2 Red Clover (oil)
replacing the content

No. 4 Pine Leaves (water distillation)

all the flowers and leaves collected

the locator map and the recipe

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