Thursday, August 07, 2008


by Maki Ueda
Electric Eclectic Festival 08, Meaford, Canada

I've extracted the smells from the materials that I've found at the Funny Farm.

No. 1 White Clover (oil)
No. 2 Red Clover (oil)
No. 3 Spruce Leaves (oil)
No. 4 Pine Leaves (water distillation)
No. 5 Yew (tincture)
No. 6 Pine Leaves (tincture)
No. 7 Grass (tincture)
No. 8 White Clover (tincture)
No. 9 Queen Anne's Lace (tincture)
No.10 Pink Clover (tincture)
No.11 Parsley Flower (tincture)
No.12 Black Eyed Susan (tincture)
No.13 Tomato Leaves (oil)
No.14 Coriander Flower (tincture)
No.15 Coriander Flower (oil)
No.16 Garlic Flower (oil)
No.17 Tomato Leaves (tincture)
No.18 Tansy (tincture)
No.19 Grass (oil)
No.20 Spruce Leaves (soxhlet extraction)

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