Saturday, March 01, 2008

the scent of Stasi smell jar

For the scents exhibition "If there ever was" taking place at Reg Vardy Gallery in Sunderland, U.K., I've developed the scent of Stasi smell jar.

The eastern Germany state secret police Stasi was collecting the scents of the citizens for ttracing the scent of the spy.

I'm developing my own 'palette' from the scratch.

Extracting from the smelly materials.

Making the test composition.

Like at the perfumery school in Grasse, I've developed the formula using the computer.
At the 4th try the scent was getting pretty close to what I've wanted to achieve.
My reference was the book written by the perfumer Takashi Suzuki (Takasago International), but mainly I've trusted my intuition, inspiration, and my experiences. My strong belief was in the fact "You smell of what you eat".

This part of the fragrance was made for the exhibition catalogue. The scents will be printed into the form "scratch & sniff". From now on I'm going to develop the scent to be exhibited.

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