Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Scents of Holland - releasing @ Kunstsuper

On January 19th 2008, The Scents of Holland is released at Kunstsuper, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In the morning of that day, the hyacint gave flowers so I've extracted them right away. Thus, there became five different scents in the package.

  • Autumn Leaves (Herfstbladeren)
  • Speculaas spices (Speculaaskruiden)
  • Dutch Cheese (Belegen Kaas)
  • Dutch cuisine Brussels Sprouts (Spruitjes)
  • Hyacint

"It smells like grandma..." (smelling the Sprouts)
"It gives another perspective to the Dutch scents that we are normally smelling."

There were also people who have purchased the scents.

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