Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Workshop of making a perfume - the scent collection of Holland -

On 3rd of Nov. 2007, I gave a workshop on making a simple perfume at CBK Almere Corrosia, The Netherlands.

There were 6 participants. They made a perfume with their memorial scents.

  1. the scent of 'spruitjes' from own garden ---> pickled in alcohol

  2. a cocktail of cheese, flower, almond snack, hair moose, and the white wine ---> pickled in alcohol

  3. the scent of 'speculaars' of the Sinterklaas festival ---> pickled in alcohol

  4. the scent of the dog ---> his teddybear pickled in powder

  5. the scent of baking bread ---> water distillation while baking bread in the flask

  6. the scent of hey ---> soxhlet extraction

When the workshop was finished, the opening started.
During the opening the distillation and extraction machines were continuing their processes.
The pickled scent will be extracted during the 2 months exhibition period. That means, the visitors will smell the scents in process.

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