Monday, November 19, 2007

pea and mint soup perfume - ready!


The distilled soup of yesterday's is not transparent because of the white foam flown into it.
So I'll distill it again.

The distillation went on till the next day (18/11).


No.1 - 30ml
No.2 - 30ml
No.3 - 30ml
No.4 - 30ml
No.5 - 50ml 

I've stopped distillation after achieving 170ml in total.
The first two bottles contain the scent, but the rest don't.
It was not condensed as I've expected. I wonder why.

The conservation middle (Euxyl K) was added at 0.02 %.

The preparation was almost finished for the event on the 22th of November, but it's just canceled this morning. The father of the initiator has passed away. It's a very sad news.

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