Monday, September 10, 2007

tryout of the 'moss lotion'

I have all the materials and equipments needed to make the lotion now, so I have then made the sample of the 'moss lotion'.

A-1. Tegomuls (emulgator) 2.5g
A-2. Almond Oil (oil) 6g
A-3. Cetyl Alcohol (stabilizator) 2g

B. demineralised water 30g

Warm B, and when it's about 50 degrees, warm A in the beaker.

When A and B are both around 70 degrees, pour B into A, and stir well.

While cooling, drop the conserving middle HeliozimtK, and stir well until it gets cooled down. It'll become like a whip cream.

After cooling down, add these aromaterous in 10g creme.

C-1. Mountain-moss extract 1.5ml
C-2. Iceland Moss extract 1.5ml

The Iceland moss smells stronger here. It's perhaps because of that the extract of the Iceland Moss itself is stronger than the other one.
To smell the scent I had to put my nose closer to the hand, but it stays long and it's linear.

My assignment is to create a lotion, but because it's still the try-out phase, the aroma extract is too weak to use for that. So I have made the harder texture(creme) first and then made it softer(lotion) with the aroma extract.

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