Friday, September 14, 2007

tryout of the 'moss lotion' (2)

Today I have made it with the recipe for the body milk.
(The previous time I made it with the recipe for the creme in order to know and feel the difference.)

- Tegomuls (emulgator)2g
- almond oil 8g
- demineralized water 30g

- Iceland Moss extract (self made) 7ml
- pine moss extract (self made) 3ml

Very fluid texture as "body milk". Easy to spread it on the hand.

Now the problem is that the extract is too weak.
However I can see now finally the overview of where to go.
Now I am looking forward to the arrival of 2 sorts of Iceland Moss.

To Do:
15/9 Sat. Shopping (bottle, emulgator, thermometer, cup)
16/9 Sun. making the lotion for the performance on 22nd of Sep.
17/9 Mon. Iceland Moss arriving, soxhlet extracting
18/9 Tue. Iceland Moss soxhlet extracting
19/9 Wed. Iceland Moss soxhlet extracting
20/9 Thu. moving to Gent, setup, composition of the perfume ---> lotion is finalized
21/9 Fri. rehearsal, shopping(water)
22/9 Sat. premier

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