Monday, September 17, 2007

extracting the moss (9) iceland moss final

9/15/2007 MEMO

Replacing the Mountain Moss in the tincture of 26/08/2007.

Iceland Moss tincture, 99.8% alcohol. (New)

9/16/2007 MEMO

Making the final extract of the Iceland Moss.
Soxhlet 150ml
Ethanol 96%

Pressing when replacing the content.

Start: 11:00
Stop: 23:00

In the meanwhile the cooling water has been used for washing the Iceland Moss just delivered.
It is processed with some kind of chemical (glycerine?), so it has to be washed.
Then take the unnecessary leaves out,
and then dry. (In case of hurry, roast it in the oven.)

When it's dry like this, crash it into powder with the blender.

17/09/2007 MEMO

Continuing the extraction from yesterday's.
starting 9:00
stopping 13:00
starting 17:00
still going on now (22:00) ...

So far I've replaced the content for 4 times.
The each content includes 10g of dried Iceland Moss.
In total +- 350 ml ethanol(96%) has been used.

The laboratory also became the playground for my son...

I got some extra flask and ethanol at the specialized shop so that I can again progress.
There was a slight heating problem, but today I have solved it.
Because that I took the smaller flask, I am using the electric kooking table for heating, not anymore the heating basket.

My kitchen / bathroom / balcony laboratory became just a mess!

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