Monday, September 03, 2007

extracting the moss (4) comparison

[1] glycerine
soft, rounded, mushroom-like, earthy, less seaweed than others (very soft top note)

[2] alcohol 99.8%
seaweed-like, little green, lasts long (top/middle note)

[3] coconut oil
sour like milk acid ---> threw away

[4] infusion in hot water
sour like milk acid ---> threw away

[5] arachide oil
sour like milk acid ---> threw away

[6] water distillation

[6-1] conserved with salt
very salty, lasts long (longer than 6-2)

[6-2] conserved with lactone + ...
salty, little sour, lasts long

[7] soxhlet distillation with alcohol 96%

[7-1] the liquid left in the flask
similar to [2], little earthy, little seaweed, little green tea, well concentrated, lasts long (top/middle note)

[7-2] the liquid left in middle-room
salty, too-long cooked green tea, less concentrated than [7-1]

After one day the extract made with the soxhlet distillation [7-1] got more rounded and turned out to be the best balanced, concentrated one.

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