Tuesday, September 18, 2007

extracting the moss (10) successful!

Iceland Moss extraction
Continued from yesterday:
starting 11:00
stopping 14:00

My parner has got me a nice present: now we are recycling the water with the water pomp.

After all the extracting rotation, the alcohol(ethanol) is been separated now.
The bottom flask contains the strong, thick extract of the Iceland Moss.

It smells good and it's a strong concentration! Successful.
Since Sunday I've been extracting it for 3 days in row. No wonder it's strong...

ethanol being used in total: 325ml (?)
Iceland Moss being used in total: 50g (?)
extracted: 25ml
leftover: 150ml

In a meanwhile I was working on washing, drying and processing the moss.

This is another sort of Iceland Moss that I've ordered from the herbal remedy shop in Germany.

Smells quite different from that of the florist quality. Somehow a bit too herbal.
Here I am experimenting with the diffusion, but no success.
It works much better with the florist quality.

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