Friday, September 14, 2007

experiment on diffusion, in Gent


I went to 'Vooruit' in Gent for rehearsing of the performance.

My experiment here is about diffusing the scent of the moss.
Diffusion with the mountain moss was not successful, but with the Iceland moss was a success.
It only needs a little bigger pan and the heater.
Off course if the natural moss that'll be placed on the floor smells well on the day of the performance, that's better. I see that my experiment is just an option. I hope that the natural one is going to smell well.

I let everybody smell the extracts that I've made.
'nice smell of forest'
'champignion-like smell'

So now my assignment is ... to concentrate the Iceland moss extract as much as possible, in other word, making it stronger and finer.

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