Friday, September 07, 2007

extracting the moss (5) different mosses

On this Wednesday I went to Brussels for the meeting for the project.
It's a performance piece.
Do I perform? No, offcourse.
I'm participating it as a perfumer and not as a performer.
All the moss extraction before is for this performance.

Saori, the flower designer, gave me different sort of mosses:
those fresh ones she picked in the mountain, and those dried ones from the flower shop.

I've analyzed the each moss.
When it is dry, it doesn't smell much. However if it's wet again, it smells.
Their ecology is similar to that of the seaweed.

[mountain moss]

This is the moss that I have experimented with last week.

dry: almost no smell
wet: cucumber-like, champignon-like, little salty, little seaweed, the air of the mountain/forest

[silver moss]

dry: slightly reminds me of an apple
wet: fresh, little sour-sweet

[pine moss] polytrichum juniperium

dry: almost no smell
wet: green, vegetable-like, like a bitter melon

[iceland moss] chondrus crispus

dry: little woody, little salty, dry
wet: almost like oak moss... warm, woody, little salty, little honey, taking a walk in the forest

This smells nice, relaxing! And it smells very similar to the oak moss.
The color is different but the shape resembles to each other.
But they are completely the different sort of moss.

Iceland moss: chondrus crispus
Oak moss: evernia prunastri vacuum

Today I have experimented the Iceland moss with the soxhlet.
Since 15:40 it's repeating itself... even till now.

I've got the mini electric cooking table. The year 70's... very cute.

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