Thursday, June 21, 2007

FoAM's gathering

On June 15th at the FoAM's Researcher's gathering,
I've made a small demo of my new scent.

impressions of the seaweed scent:
"smells like shell organism which is dead"
"smells like the sea"
"smells like the white bubbles of the river"

impressions of the cherry blossom scent:
"grandma's smell"
"reminds me of walking along the shore in Australia"

The quality of the scent seems quite good. Offcourse! It's just bottled the day before.

Kate Rich presented her own "FERAL TRADE" project - she made her original fair trade network completely by herself. It's an art project but at the same time, you could purchase the product directly from the farmer through the social network webbed by her initiative.

Pix presented awesome images and animations made by the pure mathmatical formula. If I would have had played around with such a beauty during my youth, I would have gotten much more into math.

TheunKarelse presented his garment research. He has researched about the garment protecting the body like sport ware and like gear for being in the air / water / wind / cosmos. Very interesting research which also surveys the challange of human imaginations.

FoAM is always 'cosy', with drinks and foods.

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