Sunday, June 17, 2007

exhibition at Aanschouw, Rotterdam

I'm currently exhibiting at the small gallery "Aanschouw".

what: experiment - red wine chromatography -
when: 15th - 22th, June 2007
where: at the bar "de Schouw" on the Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam.

It's an experiment of the chromatography with the red wine.
The color substances of the red wine are separated with the paper chromatography.

These photos below show how I am making.
I first soaked the paper in the red wine for a couple of times,

and then dried it,
and put it in the water (only 1cm from the bottom).

As the paper absorbs the water, the color substance travels further.
The pink color travels, for example, much faster than the color blue and that difference makes this beautiful gradation of the colors.

organized by:
Aanschouw and Camera Japan

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