Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Upcoming events: Feb, Mar

(1) Some students from my course at ArtScience are making presentations at the event.

14.02.2018 20:00- CET

(2) Textile Memories – The World of BORO
opening: 02.03.2018 18:00-

Organization: ATSUKO BAROUH arts drinks talk
2018.03.03 Sat - 04.01 Sun 
Sun&Mon 11:00~18:00  
Wed-Sat 14:00~20:00 
closed on Tue 

There was a time when textiles were precious goods. Actually, a time not so long ago. Yarns were spun and woven together by hand. And yet not everyone could get his hands on bigger pieces of fabric. So one had to make due with what one got and sew together fabric scraps to make clothes to wear or futons to sleep on. That's what you find in the BORO collection: textiles that were handed from one generation to the next, with seams having been mended here and holes having been patched with fabric scraps there. You will be surprised by how vibrant, how full of life these textiles are. As were designers at Louis Vuitton, COMME des GARÇONS and KAPTIAL, who all were inspired by BORO. 
Not art works but not fashion either, these textiles, as they now exist in front of us, were born out of necessity. As was their design. That is what makes them so convincing, so real. They give us access to an idea of beauty and aesthetic pleasures different from textiles produced for the aristocracy or the wealthy. 
In times such as ours, were money is spent on the redevelopment of Tokyo before pompous Olympic Games instead of earthquake victims, where the country's leaders cheerfully buy weapons of mass destruction, we might take a look back at our roots. Wasn't it textiles like these, that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, 50, 60 years ago, there in the dark, silently sewed, mended, patched after we went to bed? Where is Japan heading? Is our way of life right the way it is? That's what we should ask these textiles. 
Atsuko Barouh, December 2017

This exhibition will feature parts of Gallery Kojima's collection of indigo dye BORO as well as works by cardboard sculptor Honno Genta and MAKI UEDA, who experiments with fusing scents and visual art. Come and take home with you some new stimuli for your eyes, nose and hands!
entrance fee:¥500

Thursday, January 04, 2018


olfactory performance
premier on the 17th of Nov, 2017 at WOMB Tokyo


Soap bubbles are impregnated with different smell components of the smell "X".  (2 components are being used)  When they burst, they release the smell, and they form the smell "X" in the space together.

What's the smell "X" ? To know the answer scroll down ↓↓↓↓↓







More photos:

Produced by: Ranagram.

The smell "X" is: rose (damascena rose)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Olfactory Games 2017

Smell and Art - an introduction to artistic use of the medium of smell -
Maki Ueda, guest teacher at ArtScience Interfaculty

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Upcoming events: Sep, Oct, Nov

I'll be in The Netherlands in the later half of September, giving  a course at Art Science Interfaculty of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

In a meanwhile I'll be giving a workshop at Camerajapan Festival in Rotterdam, on The Tale of Genji on the 23rd of Sep.

Also I'll be attending Odorama at Mediamatic on the 21st of Sep.

Back to Japan on the 3rd of Oct.  On the 12th of Oct, I'll be giving a lecture at Keio University SFC where I graduated from!

Olfactory magazine NEZ will be published wherein my works are reviewed.

I'll also be making a show, or premier of new (but prototype) installation at my home base, Ishigaki Isl, somewhere in Oct.

In Nov, a presentation is planned in Tokyo (17th?)

That's it so far... see you all around!